MSI K7N2-L, audio control panel not working

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May 26, 2003
  1. Just got a MSI K7N2-L nVIDIA nForce2 SPP mobo for my a family member. The nForce2 drivers and application specify that there is an audio util to setup the different sound configuration (looks pretty based on manual pictures). But the thing is that it does not find the nForce sound chipset. Even though it should. I've tried both the MSI's drivers/app, and nVidia's WHQL set (v2.03)

    Any ideas what is going on?
    I don't have the S-Bracket (SPDIF / Optical). But I would still assume that the basic software would work as you can use the line in/out/speaker to do surround as well.

    The sound drivers do work. It's just the configuration application.

    Also I was condsidering getting v2.4x for the nVidia nForce set, but nVidia has taken the drivers down as they are extremely buggy.

    mobo product page:

    Computer spec:
    1.3 Duron
    MSI K7N2-L (Bios 5.1)
    512MB DDR 333
    Maxtor 40GB 7200
    ATI Radeon VE 32MB DDR Dual Head
    Windows 98SE
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    I am having exactly the same problem.
  3. NoisySilence

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    The MCP-T is optional on that board.

    If you have the normal MCP, you don't have the SoundStrom APU but a simple Realtek Codec, in which case the nVidia control panel will not work.
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    Just go to Windows update they have the newest drivers for the Audio cards.

    I have never been able to use the Audio drivers that come with the motherboard. Everytime I load Nivida drivers from the included CD it crashes while loading audio drivers and sound of course don't work.

    Sense I have so many other things to do I don't worry about it till I'm thogh updating and installing AntiVirus.

    But now during update of XP the audio drivers have been showing up and installing along with the rest of the updates.

    There is two updates for the audio on there. They don't show everytime it some times takes a couple of tries before they appear and or installed.

    But it takes several tries before I get all the updates any way as some have to load by there selfs.
  5. Didou

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    I think what Noisy said has a better chance of being the culprit. If the board you've purchased doesn't come with the SoundStorm functions ( meaning if the board doesn't have the MCP-T southbridge ), the Audio panel included in the nVidia nForce2 drivers will not work.

    Boards such as the A7N8X non-Deluxe or the A7N8X-X will not have that audio panel either.:dead:
  6. Shaft

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