MSI takes the wraps off its beastly MEG Z690 GODLIKE motherboard that comes with a detachable...


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Mother of all boards: You’ll need a sturdy pair of hands to hold and install the MEG Z690 GODLIKE in a similarly sturdy, roomy casing. After all, MSI’s latest and highest-end motherboard weighs a hefty 6.6lbs (~4kg) and is classified as an E-ATX product, measuring 305 x 310mm. This enthusiast-grade hardware for Intel’s Alder Lake platform costs an eye-watering $2,099, a figure that’ll sting less when you consider the bundled AIO cooler and 32GB kit of DDR5 RAM.

MSI’s new MEG Z690 GODLIKE is a limited-edition motherboard for hardcore gamers who’ve either previously purchased an older GODLIKE motherboard or bought and registered an MSI RTX 3080 or 3090 GPU. This new board will also require a full tower case, considering its E-ATX form factor. With these two requirements out of the way, eligible owners are likely going to find this beefy Z690 board as the best place to install their Alder Lake CPU.

The main highlight of this motherboard is the included 3.5-inch 480 x 800px touchscreen that has a rear-mounted speaker and attaches to the board via a magnetic USB-C port. It can also work externally in wired mode and allows CPU overclocking, access to various system functions (clearing CMOS, booting up/restart), and displays system info (temperature, pump speed) in either portrait or landscape mode.

Although MSI is yet to set up a product page, the company’s weekly livestream event gave a thorough overview of this board, including its spec sheet shared below:

As expected, the Z690 GODLIKE has tons of connectivity options and premium features, including an all-aluminum design, tempered glass for protection and a metal backplate. The $2,099 bundle for this board includes a MEG S360 AIO CPU cooler and 32 gigs of Kingston's DDR5-6000 memory.

MSI plans to start selling this hardware in the coming months (late January/early February). Given the MEG Z690 GODLIKE's target audience, it'll be rare to find one of these in the wild.

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Really? $2100 for a motherboard? I mean yeah it comes with an AIO and 32GB of DDR5, but that doesnt justify the price. And only 2 expansion slots on an e-ATX board is a crime against sensible design.
Quick...someone inform 'QuantumPhysics' there's another e-peen, flex posting opportunity for him, if he buys one of these.
He's going to buy 3 at his local microcenter to go with his SLI 3090 supers, they're not hard to find you know.


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I like expensive mobos, but this price is just absurd. I won't pay more than 1K for a motherboard.

Yep: I hardly doubt a worst case scenario a 20 to 30 dollars price tag for a really nice IPS screen worthy of a tablet or phone would justify the price and this is more likely a cheap 5 dollar screen destined for a no name, bottom-of-the-barrel tablet screen instead.

Plus have you ever tried to read a screen that's sitting behind and extra layer of tempered glass? Is not like it's actually very usable on most cases (pun intended)


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Seriously? I can’t wait for someone to review this thing and try to justify why it’s worth $1500 more than the next best Z690.


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The most interesting thing about this is what specs does MSI consider cutting edge at the moment. The things in it could indicate what is about to trickle down to real consumers. I would have thought we would be further along than this by now.

-What version PCIe? 5 would be nice, but I guess we are not there yet.

-What version Bluetooth? It HAS Bluetooth, right?

-Decent USB, but isn't there USB 4.0 now (on paper)? Or am misremembering?

-Good number of M.2 slots at least. You can't have enough.


-What else am I missing?


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Doesn’t even come with 64gb RAM. No go for me. But I suppose if paying that much for a motherboard doesn’t deter you, paying a scalper shouldn’t either.