Drivers Msi z170A GAMING M5 - Slow Boot Time on Windows 10 (~2:30 minutes)

Hello all,

I recently did a massive upgrade on my PC based around the msi z170A GAMING M5 mobo. I'm running Windows 10 and currently experience a boot time greater than 2.5 minutes which seems kind of massive. Though I don't currently use an SSD, my boot times were never this long before the big upgrade (I would estimate it takes twice as long now) and my current components (see below) are much better than what I used to have (Phenom II x6 1055T / Radeon HD 5770).

What I already tried to minimize the boot time:
Uninstalled GeForce Experience as I read that current versions were known to screw up boot times
In Windows System Configuration (run:msconfig),
-Boot tab: I changed Timeout to 3 seconds and checked 'No GUI boot,'
-Boot tab (Advanced Options): Changed 'Number of processors' to 8
-Services tab: I disabled all non-Microsoft services
In the BIOS (I recently updated to version 1.3), I enabled 'Fast Boot'

Different Stages of the Boot Process
Here is a link to a video of my whole boot up process.

(0:00 - 0:12) - power button pushed then black screen
(0:12 - 0:17) - msi start up screen
(0:17 - 0:20) - black screen
(0:20 - 0:45) - Windows logo appears
(0:45 - 1:34) - black screen
(1:34 - 2:00) - black screen with movable cursor
(2:00 - 2:06) - blue background with a 'Please wait' loading message
(2:06 - 2:39) - User screen with Windows 10 desktop background and 'Welcome' loading message
(2:40 - 2:50) - Logged on to desktop
(2:50 - 3:12) - response time of Google Chrome

The response time to Google Chrome is probably to be expected but just threw it in to see if others feel it shouldn't take 22 seconds initially.

Does anyone have any solutions other than picking up an SSD (which I plan to do at some point)? I feel the amount of time sitting in black screens and loading screens is much too long. Maybe this is to be expected, though. Any advice would be appreciated!

Also, can this have anything to do with my hard drive not being listed in the compatible HDD list for my specific motherboard? ( I would imagine all SATA HDDs would work full. Who knows, though. After the initial boot up, my system works flawlessly


--System Specs--
Board: msi Z170A GAMING M5
BIOS: E7977IMS.130
PSU: 700W 12v1: 21 / 12v2: 22
CPU: Intel Core i7-6700 Processor
MEM: 2x4GB, 2400MHz Ballistix Crucial DDR4
HDD: Western Digital Black WD6402AAEX 640GB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache
COOLER: Corsair H60
Keyboard: Dell, PS/2
Mouse: GE Wired Optical Scroll Mouse, USB
OC: None
OS: Windows 10 64 bit Professional