msimn.exe error

By chewzall
Jun 29, 2007
  1. When I run OE I am getting a msimn.exe error intermittently. When I close and restart, the directory tree for the mail is reorganized alphabetically (I usually have folders with subfolders to organize mail).

    I have tried the posted on MS instructions for that (check read status, changed registry keys) with no success. I am running W2K and the only software change on my machine before this started was the installation of a Seagate FreeAgent external hard drive and its associated software. The autobackup software for that continually asked for Outlook rather than OE to be designated as the default mail client, which I have done since altering the registry. Seagate's software is not running in the background; it is scheduled to run weekly and the drive is currently not connected to the machine.

    I have run scandisk multiple times without any error popping up; I religiously run AVG, adaware, and spybot. I also have norton AV (no yelling at me, please; it's not going away until I replace this machine) which I run daily.

    Can anyone offer any solution to this problem? At the moment I have left the reorganized file tree in the hopes that this is a temporary fix, but it's annoying me!

  2. deyamag

    deyamag TS Rookie

    sorry, I don't know.
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