MSN Explorer not refreshing E-mail list

By Vigilante
Jun 22, 2007
  1. Hi, my boss uses MSN Explorer, just because he's used to it. It accesses his MSN E-mail account.

    The problem is, MSN-E stays in the system tray when you close it, so that it can receive IMs, and open more quickly, etc... and that's fine. But for some reason, it won't receive new E-mails. If you're in the program and click the E-mail button, it doesn't refresh, if you CLICK refresh, it doesn't refresh. If you leave the E-mail area to some other web page, and come back to E-mail, it doesn't refresh, if you click the inbox, it doesn't refresh.
    But if you close the whole program by exiting from the system tray icon, and then re-login to MSN-E, the E-mail will refresh and show new messages.

    I looked through the settings and couldn't find any option for, say, checking for new messages every X minutes. I would figure it does that automatically.

    So why is MSN-E not allowing refresh of messages unless you completely exit the program? My googling hasn't found anything.

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  3. Vigilante

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    Nothing in that one buddy, thanks though. This, I guess, is strictly an MSN Explorer problem. I don't even think he uses Outlook for anything. Just not sure why we have to completely exit Explorer for it to grab new messages.
  4. Vigilante

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    I contacted MSN about other problems, they got back to me and said, "you use Qwest MSN, call Qwest".

    Uh, no. I already told them I have the latest version of MSN Explorer from Microsoft. Those guys could have just answered the dang question. Why always the game playing? Grrrrrr.
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