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MSN Messenger Woes

By Alpha Dragon
May 8, 2005
  1. I run Windows XP Professional. I am having problems with messenger version 7.0.

    Firstly, my display name. Under OPTIONS --> PERSONAL --> DISPLAY NAME my display name is greyed out, and thus I cannot change it. It displays my email address, I simply want to show my first name (real name, I use this for college only). If I sign out and go back into options, the options will not list to be changed.

    Secondly, any email sent to me I wanted sent to my earthlink.net account. So I use my earthlink.net account as my passport.net name rather than the passport.net name itself. This email does not want to verify for some odd reason.

    Thirdly, when I sign in it still shows both sign-in names, passport.net (old name) and earthlink.net (new one). How do I permanently remove the passport.net name, because it gets in the way, wanting to be the default.

    And finally, if it is not preferrable to use any other email account name as a sign-in account verses my passport.net name, am I able to be to link my earthlink.net email to my passport.net sign-in name, so that any and all email goes only to earthlink.net?

    I have tried the MSN messenger help :hotouch: , but it really sucks. It did not even mention the greyed out display name. There are some important things it does not cover, and even when it does, they are poorly explained. Thank you for any help. :giddy:
  2. AMD2800+

    AMD2800+ TS Rookie Posts: 51

    I haven't had any problems with MSN 7 (.0.0777) in combination with Messenger PLUS 3.40.112 Beta as yet. Fingers crossed. However had serious problems, some of which similar to yours, with MSN 6. Have you got any version of Messenger PLUS? If so, uninstall it & download it again, install that. Fixed all my problem.
  3. Alpha Dragon

    Alpha Dragon TS Rookie Topic Starter

    fixed it

    I found out the primary problem, net passport service outright refused to verify my earthlink email account. So I cancelled that passport account, deleted them from my PC, and restarted. This time around I signed up for a hotmail account and now everything is OK.
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