MSN problem connecting outside USA w? video & vioce

By glynn-one
Jan 29, 2005
  1. MSN problem. It started about 2 months ago that myself (Huntsville AL) my dad (Fla) and a buddY ( New Zealand) where all able to use MSN to video/voice with each other. Now, we can't. We have all upgraded and have xp w/ sp2 installed, but the problem seemed to appear just before the advent of that "great" upgrade.We have cut out the nasty firewalls and all other little things that may be the problem but to no avail. I can get on with my dad in Fla without a problem (I am Cable he is DSL), and we both can hear/see our friend in New Zealand (High Speed internet), but he gets a frozen picture and no sound. We have gone over most file settings in the Networking Profile and in msn to see that they are matching and all seem to match up. He (NZ) has contacted his IT and they it isn't in the incoming/out going signal or server and must be a msn problem. I have checked about all I know to check and have come up with a loss. Any suggestions?
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