MSVCRT.DLL not comaptible...

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Sep 14, 2003
  1. First of all, im new to the forum, so if this issue has been address sorry for making a repeat of a question. anyhow though...

    Recently i have been getting an error when i run the setup to any (or most) programs. the error reads as follows:

    "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library [header]
    MSVCRT.DLL for Win32
    Error: MSVCRT>DLL is not compatible with Win32s."

    most of the time, after that error i get a follow up message telling me that the application failed to initialize properly, then closes the setup. sometimes though the first error will pop up and nothing will happen when i click "ok", the program installs normally. my current OS is Windows2k pro, i have downloaded all available updates for my OS (all critical updates and some others). this is the first time i have ever had this problem and have never had it before this. anyone that knows where i might be able to get more info on fixing this or what i can do to fix it...please, share that with me.
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    Actually, since a couple of weeks I have the same problem; I'm not sure wether it started after updating to Norton Antivirus 2004 or updating to directx 9. I suspect a Msi problem; The error message only pops up I trying to install via setup.exe; No problems with wise. Strange but now I've reached the limits of my humble Win2k knowledge; an additional message advises to install the respective program on Win98 or NT4SP6 - not really an alternative
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    I have MSVCRT.DLL from Win2K/SP4 with version 6.1.9844.0
    size: 286,773 or 281 KB
    Rightclick msvcrt.dll in \winnt\system32 and check Properties, then tab Version

    Also check it in \winnt\servicepackfiles\i386

    If you have a different version, try to get the above file out of your W2KSP4.EXE (rightclick/extract with winrar or winzip)
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    You need to install a more up to date version of the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library.
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  6. RealBlackStuff

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