Multimedia Audio controller issue, no sound

By Blue Pulsar ยท 8 replies
May 19, 2006
  1. I have read much of the similar problems that others have had. Heres my deal. I recently had a hard drive crap on me, so i completely had to resinstall windows xp pro on a brand new Maxor HD. All was well untill i noticed no sound when i opened my game (coh). I tried almost all of the solutions here that seamed to work for others. Messing with BIOS settings, deleting the Audio controller and then restarting my PC. i have also waited long amounts of times getting the wizard to find the drivers on my Win CD. Nothing seems to work. I have an onboard sound card on an Aopen i845 somthing or other (I dont know too many specifics about this puter as i got it from a friend for a temp). I atempted to reinstall the recomended driver wich is a Realtek Avance AC97. and this seamed to work for others as i read in the other posts. However, when i restarted my computer, the "Found New Hardware" wizard tried to run automatically and then told me of an error.

    Cannot install this hardware.

    There was a problem installing this hardware:
    C-media AC97 Audio device

    An error occured during the installation of the device

    The required section was not found in the INF

    Click finish to close the wizard.

    And thats as far as i got, i have no other ideas. Could the soundcard on my MoBo be damaged? and if so, could purchasing and installing an after market soundcard be a possible solution. I really just want to fix this problem.

    This is not the first time ive had to reformat my hard drive and reinstall windows, but it is the first time ive ever had this happen. Some advice would be apreciated as issue 7 for cov/coh is comming soon and though this is a mediocre PC, i want it running at Full mediocracy when the expansion comes, lol.
  2. SilenceOfComp

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    AC97 Drivers are a pain in the Ars, I went through 20-30 diff downloads from the net and even the right drivers from my old hardrive, nothing would install and of course, I lost my driver disk. I found diging through my comp parts and finding a PCI Audio card from Creative Labs, loaded right up, no problems. I have officially given up on AC97.
  3. iss

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    after reinstalling windows did you reinstall the motherboard drivers for your board?
  4. Blue Pulsar

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    As i said, i dont know much about the specs of this PC, let alone have all the software for it as it was a gift. I did find a link to a tool that gave me all the info about all my hardware in these forums (thanks for that whoever it was) and with that info i did go to the Aopen website and try to download the proper audio driver. And that is the one that failed. All other systems seem to work fine, so no i didnt download all the drivers, just the audio. If i cant get this to work in the next hour or so im tempted to just go to walmart and buy a soundblaster.
  5. N3051M

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    since the onboard sound is on the (mother)board it is a wise choice to download and install the mobo drivers (excluding bios if you want) as well.. besides.. it wouldnt hurt any thing... exept using up download counts and having new drivers if that waht scares you :p

    otherwise.. try going through my list of things to do...
    post number 4....
  6. athlete18

    athlete18 TS Rookie

    I have this same problem, I don't have the cd that came the the pc but i've downloaded the drivers from dell and intel (the mobo manufacturer) and nothing seems to work, mine's also onboard, can you help me?
  7. N3051M

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    do, then try. if unsucessfull, go to the next one:

    1. Check the Mute button....

    2. Wiggle the speaker plugs/connections

    - goto control panel>Sounds and Audio Devices
    - Goto the Audio tab, confirm your sound card is selected in the drop-down box for Playback
    - Click the Volume button underneath, and check that adequate levels are set.
    - Exit that, then click on the Advance button and set it to the appropriate speaker setting
    - Check the box with "Use only default devices"
    - Repeat the same for Recording, and the voice tab.

    - navigate your way to device manager
    - Locate "Audio, Video and Game controllers". Expand.
    - Locate the drivers for your sound card, right click>uninstall or remove.
    - Reboot the pc and let windows find its own drivers.

    5. Confirm your speakers/microphones are working. This can be done by plugging it into another source, or using different speakers/microphones on the pc.

    6.Download Driver-program off the net for your motherboard, or use the cd. There are some sound cards that wont work with generic drivers, and need specific ones from their OEM manufacturer's (like HP if you have a HP desktop etc) or their motherboard manufacturer's website

    7. Check that you have enough free system resources for the audio to work: cpu, ram etc, and also enough power...

    8. Try different drivers that are for other cards, on the offchance that one works with your onboard sound..

    ^^General troubleshooting. Tell us if you have problems...
  8. tina

    tina TS Rookie

    audio controller device

    Hi, help please, I have no sound someone told me to long on to this sight and I could download the devicelI really don't know how. I really need sound..Thanks,Tina
  9. N3051M

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    Hi and welcome to Techspot :wave:
    Can you provide any more details on your problem and system?
    Namely the system specs or make/model of your pc and what you've tried to fix it with as well.

    Try reading my post above on how to troubleshoot and tell me how you go.

    If you have trouble finding out what you have in your system download a program called Everest Home to help you.
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