Multimedia Audio Controller

By Mikjensen
Oct 19, 2006
  1. I read 2 similar threads and still have this problem. I have an Intel D845PESV MOBO with onboard audio. I bought a SB Live 24 about 8 months ago, installed it and it ran great until a week ago. I was in the SB settings and changed the speakers and lost all audio. Now I have the yellow exclamation point in Device Manager for my multimedia audio controller. I have tried reinstalling my MOBO audio drivers and the driver for the SB with no luck. Every time I reboot it wants to install but cannot find the drivers. I am also having trouble with my DVD drives, how can I determine if this is a hardware problem and not just a driver issue?
  2. codez13579

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    added info

    i had a similar problem. my sound wasnt comming from my audigy zs. although it was working b4. This is what i did to get it to work.

    1)update windows xp

    2)uninstall the all audio drivers, to include the SB and Onboard audio. rebot pc. wen it say found new hdwre click cancel. u should install only the SB driver from cd, DONt let the pc look for it.

    3)try ur speakers in ur mobo. do u get sound? well u shouldnt if u uninstalled the onboard audio. if so there could be a conflict with the sb card u installed. go into bios N make sure to disable the onboard audio- (AC'97 i think). now u should get NO sound from mobo.

    4)go into device manager N find ur onboard audio card click properties N disable use of it. this should get rid of that multiaudio controller found crap. next find ur SB card N enable use of it.

    5) in the end it was as simple as changing the sound fropm digital to analog. try that.

    i think for some reason i was playing wit the audio device N changed the settings from analog to digital. it should be analog. also check N make sure ur speakers work.

    good luck.
  3. riekmaharg2

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    U should properly disable the onboard audio. Uninstall both buit-in and SB sound card drivers, then go into bios and disable the built-in audio. Boot up into xp, make xp only search the SB driver CD for drivers. Then install SB software off the CD.
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