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Multimedia Video Controller Driver Help Me Please!

By pchelp
Feb 27, 2005
  1. Hello,

    I am missing the driver MULTIMEDIA VIDEO CONTROLLER for my Window XP computer.

    Can someone help me solve what it means and what I need please :( . This is the information that is displayed under device manager.


  2. UnluckyNelson

    UnluckyNelson TS Rookie Posts: 28


    There is a really usefull little program called unkown device identifier by Huntersoft... I use it a lot especially with sound cards

    Get it here ... http://www.zhangduo.com

    It even sends you to google with the correct search string... really cool
  3. pchelp

    pchelp TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Many thanks. I have solved the problem now. The problem was solved with UnknownDeviceIdentifier and its free.

    I found that the file I needed was btwdmdrvinstaller5.3.8 [BT848 driver]

    Thanks again!!! It really is a smart program....
    thanks UnluckyNelson!!!!!! :wave:
  4. skynoor

    skynoor TS Rookie

    NEED help

    I have computer which when i try to install a Webcamera it says no video capture device found, and then when i check in devices there is question mark on multimedia video controller,
    The graphic card i have is Asus Radeon A9600SE

    i have looked for the drivers fot this but not found any thing,

    can any one help
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