Multiplayer gaming LAN system 2 system

By abhishek21
Sep 4, 2005
  1. Hello ppl

    I have a LAN connection using a UTP cable which is having 2 systems connected end to end..... i can share files and other hardwares...but i am unable 2 play multiplayer games(FIFA,Rise of nations etc)...when i initiate a game on 1 system...the other system is unable to find it....plz help me out
    .plz give me the details required for seeting up a multiplayer game.....both the systems are using windows XP

    thanx a lot
  2. xtheblack9x

    xtheblack9x TS Rookie Posts: 19

    did you install IPX? some games use it. I don't know it the new one's do or not though

    windows key + E
    right click on My Network Place. Go to Properties
    right click on Local Area Connection Go to properties
    check if there is anything that says something like NWLink IPX/SPX/........
    if not go to install and look for it under protocol
  3. Lyndon

    Lyndon TS Rookie

    Connecting 2 PS2's on Different Monitors

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone cna tell me how to go about connecting up 2 PS2's to 2 monitors? I'm playing Medal of Honor Rising Sun with a friend against each other and it gives you the split screen so you can see what the other person sees. So I'm wanting to get a set up whereby I can have my own monitor and my friend has his monitor so each of us can't see what the other person sees. We're NOT playing over the 'net we'll both be in the same room. Any site's or links you can post me to?
    Thanks heaps people!
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