Multiplayer kinda lags

By harrisdurrani ยท 7 replies
Jul 26, 2005
  1. Slight problem guys... My games run perfectly.. but when i play multiplayer it kinda lags a little .. i mean my in-game ping is mostly 65 to 80 but it still lags !!! any solutions

    AMD athlon 3200+
    MSI ms -7030
    Leadtek Geforce 6800
    768 MB DDR
  2. stompya

    stompya TS Rookie

    Lower some of your settings?Try putting textures on medium.
  3. Lo0sE_SkReWz

    Lo0sE_SkReWz TS Rookie

    lemme know if you figure it out cuz, I play Unreal Tournament G.O.T.Y. Edition on-line and even with my ping around 25-40 I still get lagg. :suspiciou
  4. robokiller

    robokiller TS Rookie

    Well what internet speed setting have you got in game? if it is set to T1/Lan it will lagg. and also close programes like MSN.

    what are you guys got to complain about im stuck with 56k for like another month or so :)
  5. urbandragon

    urbandragon TS Rookie Posts: 231

    I just remembered back in the old counterstrike days.. there was a way to change the packet size the game uses for network play.

    i would go out to the software vendors website, or look at the readme files that were created after the install...

    Lowering packet size will most likely resolve your problems.
  6. lupus6

    lupus6 TS Rookie

    try puting your game on low graphs settings and check it out.
  7. duffguy

    duffguy TS Rookie Posts: 125

    yea i agrre put texture and that stuff med or low . if that dont work its prob ur internet connection. oh yea if ur downloading and playin at the same time that also gives ya lagg.
  8. harrisdurrani

    harrisdurrani TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 159


    noo i actually it were the servers i was playing in...i finally found out that any servers from the east that i play i get really good pings and the game doesnt lag either..but if i join any servers in the west than my game starts lagging ... :knock: pretty wierd though
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