Multiple BSOD's not quite sure where to start here

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Feb 25, 2008
  1. Hello, I have a Compaq Presario r4012us laptop with 512mb of ram, an 80 gig HD, and obviously an onboard video card from ATI, the Radeon 200m, all on running on Windows XP SP2. I believe that I have all current windows updates and all available updated drivers for my hardware. I have been having multiple BSOD's with relation to cssrs.exe, svchost.exe, win32k.sys, and mainclient.exe (absolute poker). I have several minidump files dating back a few weeks all relating to what seems to be different things, but Ill let you guys be the judge and jury on that, maybe you can help steer me in the right direction to resolve this issue, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. I can only upload 5 minidumps now but I will upload more later or answer any questions on the other ones I have

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  2. Matthew

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    I'm generally pretty lousy with reading minidumps, but here it goes:

    If you've already tried updating your video card drivers, try uninstalling them and letting Microsoft install the drivers they want to via Windows Update.
  3. Route44

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    One dump cites ati2dvag.dll which is an ATI video driver. As Zinosinks advises update your drivers but go to the AMD/ATI website and install the latest for your particular card.

    Also, one dump points to memory corruption. Run MemTest for a minimum of 7 passes; this takes some time to complete. Many people start it before they go to bed and check it the next morning. if you have any errors you have corrupted RAM and the only thing you can do is replace it.

    * Do the MemTest first.
  4. freemont

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    "This memory-resident worm drops and executes a copy of itself as the file CSSRS.EXE in the Windows system directory."

    From here.

    If you rule out bad RAM (or even if you have bad RAM), this is certainly something to look at. It might just be that you have a bug. :(

    Good luck!
  5. mattb2e

    mattb2e TS Rookie Topic Starter

    im pretty sure that the video drivers are up to date and I downloaded them from the ati website however I will install what Microsoft recommends, the memory was an issue before I had a corruption bsod and I swapped the memory I had in there with the original memory that came with the computer after running Memtest for about 24 hours with no errors however the bsod went away for quite some time after I swapped ram. Ill run Memtest again overnight and see if anything comes up with that. I will also check and see if I have the worm that freemont mentioned, if its something as simple as a trojan or a worm than that would be cool, if its hardware related then that would not be cool at all. Thanks for your help I will post my results tomorrow.
  6. mattb2e

    mattb2e TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Here are three more dumps
  7. Route44

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    One minidump is inconclusive while the other two cite Pool_Corruption. I suggest to do the following if MemTest continues to show no errors:

    1. Run chkdsk

    2. Scan for viruses, trojans, etc.
  8. mattb2e

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    well at this point anything is futile, I found rolled back my video card drive and attempted to update my bios to no avail, I got a irq_less_than_or_equal bsod while my bios was being flashed via HP's winflash program. Now I have no bios to boot the computer, I am aware of a procedure to recover the boot block sector of the bios and have a phoenix bios crysis recovery disk image however I dont have an external usb floppy drive to be able verify if I can even recover the bios or not. I will be purchasing one this thursday if I am unable to find a friend who has one, hopefully it will work and I can start back at square one, if not I either replace the motherboard at 432 dollars new, buy a used motherboard and risk other problems for 300 dollars or just sell as parts and buy a cheap laptop from walmart to replace this one. Not good anyway you look at it really, im definately not happy, the computer wasnt freezing or giving me any problems up until the bios flash, I noticed in some of the minidumps that the errors were caused by Yahoo IM and Absolute Poker, I made sure that niether of those programs were running and the system remained stable before the flash for at least 20 minutes flawlessly. I shouldnt have trusted a windows flash program, lesson learned.
  9. mattb2e

    mattb2e TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have tried booting from a CD and a flash drive, no luck there, but then again the procedure calls for an external floppy specifically so Im not surprised in the least bit.
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