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Multiple crashes, multiple culprits?

By Woodz
Oct 17, 2006
  1. Hi,

    Been receiving random crashes/reboots over the last few weeks.
    The system is all new (mobo, memory, pwr supply, vid card) except
    for the processor (an older P4, 1.7G Willamette)
    To try to track down the problem, since I have little/no skill decoding the
    minidumps, I've swapped out the processor with a known good, memory
    with new, and new video cards. The problem does not appear to
    follow any of those components.
    I reloaded XP several times to ensure a clean load, so
    this is a mostly fresh load of XP SP2, fully patched.
    There is one game (Sims 2) installed, and while the system has crashed
    while the game is running, it also crashes while it's just sitting there.
    I'm not bullheaded enough to state that the game is not what's crashing
    the system, at this point I just need to know what the heck the problem is.

    I uploaded the last 5 minidumps, let me know if more would help.

    Thanks for taking the time to read through all this, and please let me know
    if you can decode what is going on here!
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