Multiple Displays 21" TV and 15" TFT - Hyrdavision

By mrchu
Jul 26, 2004
  1. Ok this will probably be hard to answer unless someone has very similar circumstances...BUT

    I am using the 15" TFT as the primary display, and the 21" TV for games...this is working fine as long as I switch exclusively to the relevent display and work from there...e.g switch to TV then launch a game...

    However I'd like to be able to configure the setup so that the main display remains on the 15" and I can launch games from here and they then go to the 21" TV, while the main windows desktop remains on the TFT...and if i'm being greedy, it would be good if i could somehow lock the controls to each display, so that I could keep a game on display2, while using display 1...e.g a game is playing and doesnt minimise the moment I open a window on the moment I have been unable to achieve this, the majority of software works fine, I just drag teh dialog box and expand it on the display I want...

    But the likes of Vice City REFUSES to maximise to the second desktop...I'm using Hyrdravision and there is no individual application setting configurable for the likes of Vice City...does anyone know of any generic multiple display software which may be better than Hydra?

    (another app I'm having difficulty with is the remote control menu for the mediasource remote control which comes with Audigy 2...I'd LOVE to use this exclusively on the tv!)

    BTW - the TV is a 21" Samsung Plano Flat Screen (not TFT) and the monitor is a 15" Samsung TFT...
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