Multiple errors/problems after new mobo and XP repair install

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Jul 19, 2006
  1. I have (had?) a Dell Dimension 2400. I migrated over to a new case and new socket 478 motherboard by ECS.

    I used the Dell CD to re-install windows using the "repair" feature, saving all my files and settings. One call to Microsoft got me an activation key and so I thought I was done.


    1. Windows boots/loads very slowly. MSconfig startup settings have already checked out.
    2. I have a wireless network. THe PC connects fine, surfs the web for 10 minutes, then IE and Firefox cease to surf even though I maintain connectivity and good signal strength. A reboot fixes it but only for another 10 minutes.
    3. Control panel crashes and closes every time I open it
    4. I am back down to XP SP1, and can't maintain the internet connection long enough to download and install SP2 and most of the windows updates.

    1. Should I run a registry cleaner?
    2. Should I run the repair install again? (will I be prompted for yet another activation key?)
    3. Should I suck it up, buy a new copy of XP and start over?
    4. What things should I check?
  2. fastco

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    I would run a registry cleaner see if that helps. Don't buy an XP cd just borrow one from somebody since you legally possess the license all you need is a disk (OEM) and use your product key. The best thing to do would be to start the computer in safe mode, save all of the files you want to save and do a clean install of WIndows, with a full format. If you have the time you can remove one of the memory modules if you have more than one, remove everything not necessary to boot the computer and see if that help narrow down the problem.
  3. N3051M

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    The dell cd may be tailored to its old motherboard drivers and setups etc. It could be that when you've upgraded the mobo they dont match, in which case you'll need to uninstall those motherboard drivers (use a retail winxp cd of the same type of windows is the simplest option) then use the cd that came with your mobo to install its drivers..

    just a theory.... of course, if you choose to follow fastco's advice, dont forget to make sure you back up anything you hold dear, as a full format will nuke the hdd and start fresh..
  4. Chris 96 WS6

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    So I basically just gave up on this. I think most of the issues are as N3051M said with the CD being tailored to the Dell , OEM chipset, etc.

    I cleaned the registry and it sped the machine up some, not to "normal" though. I was also able to get SP2 downloaded but got 1/2 through the install and it popped up to say I was denied use of the SP2, so it uninstalled itself.

    Just too many issues with trying to get the OEM CD to work, so I broke down and ordered a new XP home CD.... Its a shame because I was contemplating holding out for Vista but we can't be w/o our desktop for several months.
  5. fastco

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    Just remember to use a WIRED connection to download things like SP2 and Drive reflashes etc...
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