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Jan 15, 2008
  1. I have a few problems/queries, please try to answer them ALL, if possible, sequentially:

    1. Which would give better performance? 1 stick of 2GB or 2 stick of 1GB RAM???

    2. My mobo manual says that my mobo can support upto a maximum of 2 GB DDR2 533 RAM, 240pin. So, can I use 1 stick of 2GB on it? or I need to use 2 sticks of 1GB?

    3. In refrence to above question, will my mobo support DDR2 667Mhz RAM? If yes, then will I be able to use it with full potential?

    4. How much is performance difference between 533Mhz RAM and 667Mhz RAM?

    5. In CPU-Z, in memory section, for my current memory, Frequency displayed is 266.7 Mhz. So, whats this? My RAM is of 533Mhz. then why it displays 266.7Mhz, that is half of 533.4.

    6. I have currently 512MB of RAM. Will upgrading it to 2GB make much performance difference?? I use my computer generally for surfing net, playing games and watching movies.

    Pleaseeeee soon as possible.......
    Please reply to my EACH question.
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    1. 2 stick if you can run in dual channel mode.

    2. What motherboard? Does the manual not tell you? I'm fairly sure you won't be able to use 1 2GB stick.

    3. See first 2 parts of #2's answer.

    4. 133Mhz. I don't know man, not all that much, it isn't going to take your FPS from 18 to 30 if that is what you are getting at.

    5. DDR

    6. Yes it will make a difference.

    7. You don't need to put URGENT in the title, people will reply if they can, regardless of urgency.
  3. thehacker

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    First of all, THANKS for replying.
    Regarding ur answers:
    3. Mercury PVM7 Pro. I dont think this mobo wud be available in US or u would have been knowing about this company. :(

    5. What DDR? My mobo supports DDR2 RAM. In CPU-Z, the frequency displayed is 266.7. So, I m asking how it is possible. Does CPU-Z shows half of the frequency of a DDR2 RAM??
  4. SNGX1275

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    DDR is Double Data Rate, so that explains why its true frequency is half of what you were expecting.

    For your motherboard, I looked it up, didn't find much, other than there is a version 3.0 of it that supports the C2Ds, version 1.0 doesn't list that. Probably the Core2Duos weren't out when the board was initially released. Unless someone else knows you might want to check about BIOS updates for it that may allow you to use a C2D.
  5. thehacker

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    SO can I use 667 Mhz RAM.
    One more thing I missed to add is:
    In BIOS> CPU PnP Settings > DRAM Frequency there are following options:
    1. 200Mhz
    2. 266
    3. 333
    4. 400
    5. 533
    6. 666

    So, does it says that my mobo supports 667Mhz??

    The actual thing is, I have lost my mobo manual, and this compnay does not provide any online manuals..... :( :( I only have its box. On it, its only written:
    "2x240 pin DDR2 DIMM Sockets Supports Upto 2GB (DDR2 533)"
  6. thehacker

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  7. thehacker

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    Now, I have got a DDR2 2GB RAM 667Mhz. When I started my system under DRAM Frequency = Auto, CPU-Z showed frequency 266.7Mhz. But when I start my system under DRAM Freq. = 666, CPU-Z is showing nothing in Memory Frequency.I have only this 667Mhz DDR2 RAM in the slot, 2nd slot is empty.
    What is the problem? And at what speed my RAM is running? 533Mhz or 666Mhz?

  8. Tedster

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  9. mattfrompa

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    If you are still looking for help with your RAM one option is to go to there you can browse to find the mobo you've got and it will give you a list of compatible RAM (not all of them, just ones they would like to sell you) You can also let it scan your system (it's safe, my professor told me about the site). You may not necessarily want to buy from them but it should at least help you out with what options you have. If you have problems with the site feel free to let me know and I'll try to help.
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