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Multiple Issues, need help, please=)

By mith36
May 8, 2006
  1. Just a back story. I built my parents a new computer using some of my computers old parts (such as my 9800xt). I replaced my video card with a brand new radeon x1800xt and only realized once I recieved it that it was a PCI express (my mobo was AGP). I ordered a new mobo and processor (775 socket) and figured all would be well when I got my new items. Little did I know that my ram was 184 pin and my new mobo only took 240 pin. So I ordered my new ram. Then I realized my mobo require a 24pin ATX power cord, where as mine was only 20. I ordered an adapter and today I finally got it and hooked everything up.

    Here's where my real problems start :(
    1. The second I booted up my computer I was greeted with a funky looking boot up screen: http://img487.imageshack.us/img487/2918/img03535ld.jpg

    2. Once that went away, I recieved an error that made me believe my BIOS was fried. It stated
    BIOS ROM checksum error
    Detecting floppy drive A media...

    3. Finally I got that error to go away and tried to boot into windows. Everytime the windows xp loading screen would fade, my computer would instantly restart:( While in safe mode, I was able to actually get as far as the pop up asking me if I wanted to use safe mode.

    4. I decided to reinstall XP on a different HDD after failing to repair my old install due to BSODs.

    5. BSOD after BSOD. I've gotten all sorts of BSODs trying to install windows so far. 0xD1 (IRQ issue), 0x05 (ntfs.sys PAGE FAULT), 0x24, (heres a new one I just got while installing XP: c000021a {FATAL SYSTEM ERROR}.
    There's some others, but you get the drift.

    I've removed all my PCI cards and I'm still having this issue. I'd update my mobo's bios but they dont have any on their website :(

    MEM 1Gx2|CORSAIR TWIN2X2048-5400c4 - Retail
    MB BIOSTAR TForce4U-775 NF4U 775 - Retail
    CPU INTEL|PENTIUM D 940 LGA775 4M R - Retail
    SAPPHIRE 100134L Radeon X1800XT 512MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16 Video Card
  2. mith36

    mith36 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ooh, add in the 0x8e stop error too! I've almost completed my collection of STOP errors!

    Starting to think it's bad ram, but I don't know how to tell for sure.
  3. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,212

    Ok, now all you have to do is buy a real PSU. Something with 22Amps on the 12Volt rail.
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