Multiple modems on same line?

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Jun 27, 2007
  1. Hello there peoples.

    Well I have recently just got my self my own personal computer in my room. And i have a wireless setup out by the other computer that well i get a really poor signal from in my room. Its not a wireless network as such. Just a wireless broadband modem sending out my broadband signal so i have internet in my room :p

    Well yeah I have a not very good signal in my room.

    So I was thinking.... Is it possible to have to modems connecting to the same broadband line and account? like will they both work? Cos I have 2 modems. My orignal one and the new wireless one. Can I have wired set ups with individual modems on both computers? They would be running on the same phone line and connecting to the same broadband account and stuff. But If I had the line filters and splitters and stuff would it work?
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    Your going to make work for yourself, if you have a bad signal in one room, either surf elsewhere, move the wireless sender closer to you, or lastly and this is the easiest buy an external antenna, one that sits on top of the PC instead of the itty bitty thing stuck out of the back of the network card.

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    No, you cannot have two DSL modems on the same line and you most certainly cannot use the same PPP account twice.

    Run a cable from the router to your room and/or set up a wireless access point as a range extender.
  4. skitzo_zac

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    Hmmm.. Well I shall look into acquiring a range extender so that I get a better signal in my room!
  5. MrDJ009

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    Try Home Plug

    There is one other simple solution that can resolve your connection problems. Consider using a Home Plug networking kit to hook up to your router/modem. You will need to purchase a pair of Powerline Ethernet devices for this. One would be plugged in near the router, with a cable connecting it to a wired Ethernet port. The second would be connected in your room near your computer and must connect to a wired Ethernet port.

    Home Plug is good for up to 14 Mbps of throughput, which is more than adequate for most broadband connections. There are many Home Plug brands on the market but I'm had good results using one from IOGear. It's inexpensive and is online 24/7 without any problems.
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