Multiple problems with screen shutting down & computer rebooting

By js_
Aug 8, 2006
  1. Alright guys and gals what's going on? Sorry for the length of this. Alright so first of all, I didn't know whether I should put this into this forum or the software one because I don't know much about it, but I've been having a couple of complications lately.

    At first I thought it was my power supply, but then after I bought a new one and the complications are still occurring (lol) I assume it MUST be something else. I just don't know if it's virus related or software setting related some how (haven't changed anything for a while)

    1. Whenever I right click on a video file, my computer will lock for a few seconds and sometimes restart. I thought that this was due to my power supply which is why I bought a new one. When I installed the new one I could right click on the video files when the computer started up, but then an hour or two later it went back to its old ways. I'd right-click a video file and my computer would lock up, monitor would flicker off then back on.

    2. My viewable mouse cursor will freeze anywhere on my screen at any time. My mouse will still be active, I'll be able to click onto icons and on the desktop with all of the options. But the cursor will be dead and the icons actually change (EX: if I hit a corner it'll bring up the black double arrows, link it'll bring up the finger or whatever applies). Although my mouse is old, this is really the first time that this issue has ever arised and that I've ever heard of such a thing. I was guessing that this may be my ps2 port, but then I took off the thingy and made it go USB, but it resulted in the same problem.

    3. If I open up any fullscreen program (EX: games) my monitor will flicker off (it usually did before I believe because it's an old monitor and can't keep up with my computer) and sometimes will shut down. This is another reason why I THOUGHT this was a power supply issue.

    4. When my computer does shut down from whichever reason, (a crash or a restart) it sometimes takes a ridiculous amount of attempts to actually get the computer to start up again and bring me to my desktop without it repeatedly crashing.

    Sometimes I'd be brought to that blue screen when it would ask me if I wanted something scanned on my computer (this just started up again recently, this scanning screen hasn't popped up for a LONG time). If I hit a key to cancel it, the screen leaves then comes back completely scrambled. Sometimes it will let me continue on and sometimes it will just restart my computer again.

    If I pass this stage, it'll bring me to an account login (which I'll probably get rid of soon anyways). I'll enter in the password and it will again, sometimes crash and sometimes let me go on.

    5. When I try and run a free virus scan at the page will just close after a little bit of progress which makes me believe it's some kind of virus or malware or whatever ware that may be :p


    - If I right click the desktop, go to properties, go to Advanced
    - If I right click a video file
    - If I open a full screen program

    - Mouse cursor freezes but the REAL mouse is still functional. Only the icon freezes, but it also changes accordingly.

    - Logitech First Wheel Mouse (usb + ps2 port converter)
    - Windows XP
    - FX 5700 Ultra
    - I have run Norton (bad) and it picked up nothing which wasn't very surprising.
    - Adaware has been run, nothing.
  2. Ididmyc600

    Ididmyc600 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,415

    I would hazard a guess that all your problems are video card related, have you tried updating the drivers or putting a new card in the system? .

    as for "Sometimes I'd be brought to that blue screen when it would ask me if I wanted something scanned on my computer" I cant say I have seen that on any machine, so I dont know what that is, I guess it may be some anti virus or spyware prog...
  3. js_

    js_ TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the reply. I haven't tried to update the drivers, I forgot to put down that it's an FX 5700 Ultra or whatever. And I don't have another card to put in :)

    The blue screen to scan is definitely microsoft, I just have no idea what to call it lol
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