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Multiple stop errors, maybe 2 problems?

By copymonster
Mar 21, 2007
  1. Hi, I've been trying to fix my buddies computer for awhile now.

    His computer would randomly restart on him, I turned off the automatic restart and starting getting the stop errors and investigating them

    they include but arent limited to

    stop 0x0000008e
    stop 0x0000000a
    stop 0x000000c1
    stop 0x0000008e

    I tried the memtest program but it wouldnt go past 1%, both sticks can't be bad right? I am not sure.. when I put the one stick in by itself memtest gave me a ton of errors. So i figured there was my problem....

    After reboot still getting stop errors.. attached is a zip with some minidumps I will be very grateful for some assistance
  2. ocl

    ocl TS Rookie

    I am no expert on dumps, but looking at yours they look like all memory problems. Try cleaning the ram with alcohol (ram and slots) then run memtest. try different ram ....... Do the simple stuff first ......
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