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Sep 2, 2005
  1. I have Windows XP Home Edition, as well as Virtual PC 2004. How can I install Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and still be able to switch from one OS to the other.

    Also, do I need to use something like Virtual PC, or is there another way that doesn't involve extra software?
  2. Samstoned

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    I think best way install bootable cd after you change the boot sequence in bios you could then use another partition(if you have one)to install to.
    I don't know bout home version but xp pro does not like should get a 3rd party boot manager like I use ,acronis.
    If you have just done a fresh intall xp ,may want to delete start from scratch with W$K than add xp
  3. Turkk

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    I only have one partition w/this computer, and my motherboard does not support additional ATA devices, so I can't install another internal HDD.

    Do you know anything about VirtualPC? I think it can create partitions, but I'm not sure how...

    And, this computer started out with XP home.
  4. RealBlackStuff

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  5. Turkk

    Turkk TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yea, what I was referring to was where it prompts you at boot-up as to which OS you wish to run. I know for a fact my most recent HS had computers that did that--it was the same situation, you could choose either WinXPHome or Win2kPro. But that was also a school's IT that was able to set that up.

    The main reason why I'm trying to use Win2kPro is because initially, I had installed WinXp Pro on here. After becoming dissatisfied with the random flaws and slowed performance, I used the recovery CD to do a standard recovery. In the process, my protected user folder became inaccessible. I had encountered a situation like this before on a Win2kPro compy, and I was able to reconfigure the file permissions so I could access them (in that situtation, I was using a slave from a different computer, and again, my files weren't shared with other users). So theoretically, I can do the same with this batch of files that can't be accessed due to restricted permissions.

    So, alternatively: Is there a way to set file permissions in WinXP Home (or maybe in DOS), or would I need a more complex OS such as Win2kPro?
  6. Samstoned

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    are you referring to password protected or just administator rights
    If it is just admin rights or permissions you should be able to open any file if logged in as admin or main user
    if it is password protected I already found that bugger
    MS sets a a set of encrypt keys like certificates
    and this is generated by your system id for the mounted OS.
    It will generate a unique id for the machine,as far as I have read on cannot be retrieved.
    I forgot and had 1 huge folder pass protected
    did a format and installed xp erasing the W2K OS
    there was no going back reloaded W2K and the ID was wrong so still could not access folder lost 20gb of work
    tried password recovery stuff the keys for this are to strong
    one thing they did (MS) right.
    I would like other comments on this ,sure going see this again.
  7. greenflash

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    im not sure that works in Home version of Windows XP but

    you may try to get ownership of the folders

    to do this u should disable the "use simple file sharing" submenu in Explorer's Tools>Folder Options tab..
  8. Turkk

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    The main problem involved a message indicating "Access Denied", since the folder belonged to a user that no longer existed.

    But, no worries. I found that in WinXP Home, going into safe mode will enable me to reset ownership and rights in the folder. I don't think simple sharing is an option in XP Home--maybe in safe mode, but not otherwise.

    Thanks for the help anyhow.
  9. jobeard

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    Oh yes it is. Simple sharing is the only form for XP/Home. Shared folders can
    then be accessed by, other users, Mac Systems, Linux systems, and even
    previous win/98,me/2k versions.

    Use Safe Mode to give ownership to the Admin account,
    reboot, login on same admin account
    set Sharing and Guest passwd

    make sure firewall enables Lan access for 135-139,445
  10. jobeard

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    Actually, the MS Encryptsion File System uses the user's LOGIN passsword
    to generate the encryption key for a folder. Change the password and LOOSE
    your access to the folder.
    (see MS EFS usage ) There's a process for recovery using the
    Probably a very good idea all things considered.

    Personally, this is mindless to me so I chose an encryption product that is
    EOM and thus independent of my Login password. Very happy with
    FileAssurity OpenPGP

    Moving the Public and Private Keys to a USB Thumb drive as well as a 3rd system,
    assures me I can get back the data, even though the Security Policy
    requires new passwords every 30 days!
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