Music through 5.1 speakers

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Dec 29, 2005
  1. Hi - 1st post :wave:. I have a functioning MM setup running on W2K Server (don't ask). Everything works as it should but I would like, when I listen to MP3s and CDs, to hear it through all of the speakers. I don't mind if its virtual; anything would be better than a dead half-room. Thoughts? :confused:
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    Well, I like the same thing, FULL stereo sound through all 5 speakers. So far, i have found only one way to do this. First, what sound card do you have? If you have a sound blaster live 5.1, Audigy1 or 2 or Audigy2 ZS it will be the way to go. tell me
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    So, do you have an audio card that supports 5.1?
  4. User:James

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  5. Freeman

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    no need, go download the AC'97 audio drivers, i am sure the A7N8X series uses that sound system...

    Once you download that u can configure it to play through all the channels, this is the only driver that will actually make good use of the audio chip. =)

    (If u cant find them, ask me, ill send them to you)
  6. Mictlantecuhtli

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    You'll need some kind of sound "enhancement" utility to mix stereo sound to more than two channels. Didn't your mainboard / soundcard come with sound utilities?

    But it's not stereo sound if it comes from five speakers, is it?
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