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Musician drowning help

By rainbowemperor
Jun 17, 2008
  1. I went into an expensive recording studio.
    Unknown to me I had a virus on my pen drive (which the studio downloaded files from)! This infected the studio's computer and now they are really mad with me and have all my thousands of pounds of recordings, and won't give them to me until I get rid of the virus! Plus I'm broke-I'm an undiscovered artist.

    Can anyone help me by sending the way to get rid of the virus?
    It's called vbs/small - apparently, the studio says.
    Neither the studios nor my version of AVG could get rid of it!
    Every time I start my computer now i get message can't be opened (i think it's that - can't remember now - not at my computer)
    Please can any heroic high tech warrior save us and my recording career?
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