Musicmatch DRM Help

By UnWarierMage224
Aug 23, 2006
  1. Hi All,

    'Mage here, asking for a little help in dealing with Musicmatch.


    Fresh-out-box computer, and I booted up MusicMatch. Immediately, program complains and says that the DRM won't work due to the XP SP1 being installed. So I uninstalled MusicMatch, redownloaded it, and reinstalled it, figuring that it would solve the problem.

    I've got some DRM tracks that I transferred from another computer. The new computer has been authorized for use with the Musicmatch store, so it should have the DRM on it... problem is, I can't play the DRM tracks even though when I go to play them the program asks me to log in.

    Basically, the track will start playing and at around five seconds the window will pop up, so I sign in.

    Now for the twist:

    Some tracks the DRM has been authorized, so they play all the way through. However, on other tracks they fail to play - I get a "cd00be" error (something along those lines). And on still other tracks, the program will hang when the track playback reaches about 30 seconds.

    (The tracks work fine on the computer they were taken off of.)

    Does this make sense?

    Help's appreciated,

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