Mutimedia audio controller not recognised

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Jan 27, 2008
  1. I have a problem with my sound card(multimedia audio controller)...I had Vista but I didn't like it so I installed xp with sp2 and it won't "find" my sound's not recognised at all in devices menu...I tried reinstalling windows but it's still the same..I must say that on vista all worked ok...I read on net that it could be disabled in bios but it's not.It's suspicious to me that it's asking me to install some pci device but I don't have any...I have put windows to search driver for that over the net because i thought that this could be it but windows also don't recognise should I do?
  2. grimesy69

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    what is the model of your machine / motherboard?

    I suspect you need to install a driver.

    Try running windows updates too.
  3. silver_ghost

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    i have msi k9n platinum...problem is that windows don't even recognize mutimedia audio controller....i installed driver but it's useless because windows don't detect that there is any sound card....i also updated my windows...i installed sp3 and thought that it's because of that and installed sp2 and there is still that problem
  4. silver_ghost

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    here is screenshot if it'll help
  5. silver_ghost

    silver_ghost TS Rookie Topic Starter

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