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Mx 1000 mouse wont work

By PimpPanther
Feb 6, 2008
  1. I have a wireless logitech mx1000 laser mouse.

    Its worked fine for nearly 6 months

    Then I change my graphics card out, and it wont work

    When i was going through the process of deleting my old graphics drivers with Catalyst, it worked fine, then i installed the new drivers and the mouse worked fine while i was booting the computer up, then i logged it, it gave me found new hardware, said it cant install it, and now i cant use it

    Ive tried installing severeal versions of logitech setpoint and none of them help, and i didnt need it before

    every time i plug it in(USB mouse) it gives me that same message, cannot install.

    Im running windows XP home edition SP2

    if its relevant the graphics card i put in was an ATI radeon 2600pro hd. (its a terrible card and i dont recomend it)
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