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My 2 sata drives won't work together?! Please help! :)

By phillip2u
May 6, 2007
  1. Hi there.
    Here's my problem.
    I currently have a Western Digital Caviar WD80 0JD-75JNA0 and it works fine. I wanted to add a drive so I bought the Western Digital WD2500KSRTL and installed it. When I boot the computer, it freezes at the screen where is show "Windows" with the load bar at the bottom and then resets.
    I dont have jumpers in either.
    Anyone know what I'm dealing with?
  2. Goran_Torpare

    Goran_Torpare TS Rookie

    Ordinary problem with sata disks

    I have that problemt my self. My friends computer wouldnt start the OS (windows xp pro) I fixxed the problem simply by starting it in SAFE mode. Also check your bios settings.
  3. phillip2u

    phillip2u TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes, but when you started it in safe mode, what then? Of course I don't want to start it in safe mode every time. Did it work fine after you installed its software or something?
  4. Goran_Torpare

    Goran_Torpare TS Rookie

    no, just rebootet after i started in safe and it all worked.
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