My 3.3V rail looks bad....LAN stopped working

By foycur
Mar 23, 2007
  1. I bought an Antec 480W power supply nearly a year ago and I have an Asus motherboard, so I run Asus probe in the background to monitor fan speeds, temps, etc. I had noticed my onboard LAN had failed several weeks ago (I'm using my wife's laptop to type this) and I happened at the same time to notice that Asus Probe was reading the 3.3 V rail at 3.08/3.00 nearly all the time. I'm not an expert on power supplies, but does this mean the power supply is kaput? I'm pretty p****ed about it because I dropped almost 100 bucks on the thing. Is there something particular about the 3.3 rail, because this is my second power supply to do this.....
  2. Tmagic650

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    Try installing a PCI NIC and see if the card works normally. Asus probe and many other motherboard based voltage monitors aren't that accurate, at least you shouldn't base troubles on them until other ideas are tried
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    General rule is +/- 10%. That would mean you'd need to breach 2.97V to be in danger. That shouldn't have killed the onboard. But its not unheard of for the onboard or PCI NICs to just die. I'd just toss in a PCI card and not worry about it.

    Now if your voltage is wildly fluctuating within that range, I'd look at getting a different PSU.
  4. foycur

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    that was my original plan, but I thought the voltage drop may have contributed to it. This is my second ASUS board for the onboard LAN to die. I'll have to rummage through stuff to find a card. Thanks for the feedback.
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