My 6800 GT gives no video signal :(

By xNecrosis
Mar 7, 2005
  1. Hello, I hope someone can help me out
    This is my story
    PNY nVidia 6800 GT
    (No OC, drivers updated)
    One day I tried a cheap 450 W PSU and made a stress test in Counter Strike Source but suddenly puf!! the PSU went to another life. Inmediately I changed it back to my old 350W and everything was OK. Hours later my monitor went black, I rebooted and hours later the same story.
    I moved the vcard to 3 different PCs to see if it was a bad configuration in my sistem or a HardWare issue that causes this, but I had the same problem on those different PCs.
    I dont have video signal on the VGA neither on DVI.
    The PC boots, I can hear the start up windows sound. The fan is on, but I NEVER get video signal.
    Now I have to use my old video card... :dead:
    Is there anything to do before I ask for my RMA?
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