My AV8 mobo won't stop beeping....

By bestialwrath · 4 replies
Dec 16, 2005
  1. My AV8 mobo won't stop beeping....

    I have an AV8 Abit 939 socket motherboard with an AMD 3500+, Nvidia's 6800 GT, and 1 gig of Ram. I have windows XP service pack 2, I've updated all of my drivers, and I "flash" updated my BIOS. I've defragmented my hard rive, ran virus scan, everything... And, it still won't stop beeping when I play games.

    It only beeps when I play games, and that's all that happens. The game will run just fine, but that horrible beeping won't stop. Yet, everything else seems fine, it's strange... :confused:

    I've looked for beep codes , but I can't seem to find any for the AV8 board. Which beep code table does it use?
    The beeping sounds like a siren, like 2 notes playing over and over again. What is it that's causing this? Why is it doing this??? :confused:
    I've had this computer for a year now, and it only started doing this a month ago, I'm not sure if it's the hardware or bad drivers or what...

  2. boykov

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    the beeps are usualy conected with POST ... this is a test your bios does when your PC starts up ...

    your MB uses a bios to work ( i dont know which) .. my MB uses AWARD bios... look for your bios brand ... if you want the beep codes...

    the only other time i´ve heard my pc use beeps is when my antyvirus detects a virus possibylity....
    also you have upgarded all your drivers , but have you tried rolling back to a previous version ... just to see if with older version drivers the problem persists..
  3. PanicX

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    Could be a heat issue. Some hardware components have the ability to sound and audible alarm if temperatures exceed a certain threshold or in the event of a fan failure. It's possible that while gaming your machine reaches a warning level and sets off the alarm, however it doesn't reach critcal temps and reboots/shutsdown. See if you can open the case while the alarm is sounding and identify what component is the cause. I've seen motherboards, video cards, powersupplies and Hard drive backplanes with temperature alarms.
  4. olefarte

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    I have a rig almost exactly like yours and I have heard this same beep before, but only after installing new software and after having to reboot. I had to reset and boot again and it stopped. Never found out what causes it as it is so infrequent. But if you leave the side off your computer, when this happens look at the digital readout numbers on the motherboard itself. You can look in the back of your motherboard manual and compare the numbers, it might give you a clue as to what the problem is.
  5. bestialwrath

    bestialwrath TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I know what the problem is now. I got the Abit Guru and it's telling me that my hardware is over heating - my CPU was over 180 Fahrenheit - that's why it was beeping. Now I wonder what's causing my hardware to over heat, maybe too much dust on the fans?
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