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So I built my first computer, but before I start it up I just wanna make sure of a few things...

With my case(ATX), the power supply has a bunch of cables coming from it(obviously), the large 4 pinned cables are the power supplys right? Well, each cable has two 4-pinned connectors, one in the middle and then one at the end, and a few of them have a smaller 4 pinned connector coming out of that too(still with me?)
Does it matter if I have the first connector hooked up to.. lets say... the CD drive, and the second to say, the harddrive, and the third smaller one to my floppy drive? Or can each cable only connect to one device?

I really hope your still with me, cause the next question gets worse....

Ok well on the front panel on my case I got 4 USB ports, a mic port, headphone port, and firewire port. The USB connectors we're labeled exactly as whats on the motherboard so that was no biggie, but then came the mic and headphone ports =
On the motherboard from what I can tell theres only one place for front panel connectors:

2 4 6 - 10
1 3 5 7 9

and in the manual it labels them as follows:
1 is labeled AUD_MIC (Front panel microphone input signal)
2 is labeled AUD_GND
3 is labeled AUD_MIC_BIAS (microphone power)
4 is labeled AUD_VCC (Filtered +5V used by analog audio circuits)
5 is labeled AUD_FPOUT_R (right channel audio signal to front panel)
6 is labeled AUD_RET_R (right channel audio signal return from front panel)
7 is labeled HP_ON (reserved for future use?)
8 no pin
9 is labeled AUD_FPOUT_L (left channel audio signal to front panel)
10 is labeled AUD_RET_L (left channel audio signal return from front panel)

all fine and dandy, but the connectors from my case are labeled:
(for the mic)
Mic Ground
Mic In
Mic Power
(for the headphones)

So which goes with which? Im guessing the 3 mic wires go into 1, 2, and 3
but im not sure whether the HPOUT R goes into FPOUT_R or RET_R, and is the grounding wire really suposed to go into "aud_vcc" ?

Thanks for the help, answering either question will help a ton

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For your first question, yes, you can connect the power jacks in that order.

Now onto you're second question:

From what you've described, I would assume that AUD_FPOUT_R would correspond to HPOUT R and AUD_RET_R would correspond to HPOUT -R. The negative corresponding to the return line.

About the vcc and ground, i'm not sure. If it were me, I would try it. But that is completely up to you.

Hope this helps!
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