My Cdrw drive is buring everything chipmunk fast?

By thetruth
May 24, 2005
  1. Basically my cdrw has just upped and started burning all my music faster. It just started happening and even when i play a cd in the drive , it plays it fast also, kinda chpmunk'esque.. Now i like kanye west but i dont want all my music sounding like that..can anybody help me out?? I was thinking I need to update my nero & nti cd burning software BUT that doesnt explain why when i put a cd in the drive , it plays it fast also..sooo?? its got to be my drive right.? OR....

    thanks in advance ..
  2. Splash

    Splash TS Rookie

    Hey There.

    Is it an audio CD or an mp3 cd that you copied. Chances are that its not your CD writer or Nero software. Its your operating system. If its an audio CD try playing it in a normal CD player and try playing music directly from your Hard Drive. I managed to fix the problem by loading a second Operating System on my PC as a duel boot. But reloading might also work. Let me know whats the outcome of your situation.

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