My COmpaq Evo N600C Won't power on

By tactician
Jun 8, 2007
  1. today i received my 1st laptop a compaq evo N600C, and whilei may be versed with desktops this is a litle monster;) anyway upon opening the box, my laptop powered on just fine, i plugged in my cable modem to it and on the PROset II screen it showed connected and receiving packets, but whn i opened internet explorer there was no internet, after getting frustrated but changing nothing i powered down the laptop, a few hours later i tried to turn the laptop back on, all i get now is the charge button blinking 6 times, then the green "access a drive" light pops on for a split second, then al lights go dark, and the charge light comes back on again, can somenone please assist me with what to try other than...

    1.) Checking the power cord and adapter for breaks,kinks,cracks
    2.)Removing and re-installing the battery

    i didnt change or do anything, i wonder what can suddenly cause this problem? any ideas? thanks
  2. tactician

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    as an additional note, the charge light blinks 8 times, before the one blink and the sound of a drive starting to spool, before the darkness of the lights, if the battery is out, it repeats this process over and over, if the battery is in the charge light stays solid, but blinks extremely slowly
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