My computer do not more Turn On: Font possible problem??

By franklogus
Aug 2, 2004
  1. I was playing my favorite race game, and, suddenly, my PC turn off and I heard a low noise (sound of "pof") inside it ... I had no break or oscilation of energy when this problem happened...
    I use one utilitary of my MoBo Asus P4P800-E de Luxe, which controls for me the temp of processor and MoBo inside case, and It didnt "bipped" any sound, nor my PC locked any time before (which, I think, would means that my processor was having some problem...)
    My computer does not more turn on after this problem; its a new PC (so, I think it shouldnt have this kind of problem), with the following spec:
    - P4 3.0C
    - Asus P4P800-E De Luxe
    - Memory Samsung DDR400 (02 sticks of 512MB)
    - MSI 9800 PRO
    - Drives CDR-W and DVDR-W
    - 01 HD SATA (200GB) and other HD ATA100 (40GB)

    The font of my PC has 400W, and I think that it can be died... What can have happened??
    I am afraid of to have had problem with my new (and expensive) processor; so, I have a technical question: If the processor is fried, the PC do not turn on (as mine)?? But, why would it be fried, if I had no messages of problem from it (Bips, Locks) BEFORE what happened??
    The air exit duct (where is the cooler of the font - backside hole of case) was hot when I removed the PC from my desktop; but no smoke or smell of fried thing... Could it be a signal of died font ??
    Thanks a lot for any information!

    PS: I am using my back-up PC, the OLD and GOOD (VERY RELIABLE) P4 1.6....
  2. mrchu

    mrchu TS Rookie Posts: 42

    try another PSU in it first...
  3. Bug

    Bug TS Rookie Posts: 79

    I agree with mrchu.

    The pop is usually the fault of a capacitor. This could be on the motherboard or the PSU. I've seen it happen in a few cheap PSUs before. The big issue, which is my concern, is that when a capacitor blows, it can provide a serious discharge to the mainboard, processor, hdd... anything that is connected. This type of discharge can cause damage to the electrical component and each device should be tested. Check the PSU first, then start checking all the individual components.

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