My computer is very loud- should I get a new one? Should I get it looked at first?

By sonicyouth4
Feb 10, 2008
  1. Hello all!
    I'm new here and really don't know much about computers, but you all seem to know a lot. We are having a work station built for a computer/desk area. There will be a semi-enclosed area to house the CPU. Here's my problem. This comp is about 4 yrs. old, and it always was kinda loud- but seems to have gotten louder over the past couple of months. Like a constant loud hum- very annoying when trying to watch tv with volume low. Are computers supposed to hum like this? I'm afraid its gonna blow up or something, especially being behind a door- could this be dangerous? Its not hot or anything- just a bit warm, but nothing major. Should I just go get a new computer and not chance it, plus I dont want to lose all my pics and stuff? I heard that emachines aren't the best anyway- so maybe it's time for an upgrade? I don't have a lot of money to spend, but do want something that's decent. Any suggestions on what I should do? Its an emachine T2482.
    Thanks very much!
    Kathleen :wave:
  2. kimsland

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    The biggest problem with computers is the case fan blows air on to the CPU, but by doing that, it sucks in all dust as well.

    Usually after months (or years) of usage, the inside of a computer can be quite dusty. Which in turn, causes heat (inside) and the case fans (including Power Supply) going for their life, whilst being full of dust.

    I'd say it probably needs a clean out of all internal dust, with emphasis on the CPU HeatSink. You should notice a dramatic reduction in Fan noise.

    There is another part in the computer that can create noise, and that's the Hard Drive (it has moving parts inside) If the noise is comming from the Hard Drive, then it's probably time to backup (which should always be done anyway to an external media) And think about replacing. This sound, though, is dependant upon how clunky or how much it grinds, and may need a service personnal to confirm its possible (or not) failure

    You only require a new computer, when the computer you have now, does not meet up to the level of how you would like to use it.
    As an example, most users update their computers to play the newest games. I give this example, because generally all "normal" programs work well on just about any basic computer. So your choice.
  3. Row1

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    figure out what part is making noise. tell us.

    First, back up all of your data! If you are not yet backing up, the easiest way is to get one of these external drives that connects by usb port. Simply copy all of your data files to this backup drive.

    If you are at work with a network drive, just copy all of your data file to their own folder on the network drive.

    You may need to do this really quickly, since if the hard drive is about to die, it will either be very expensive (like more than the cost of a new computer) or impossible to get your data files off of this hard drive if it dies.

    With the computer turned off, figure out how to take the side panel off the computer. be really carefull so you don't bump the whole computer around, and don't pull on anything too hard.

    Typically, as you look at the front of the computer, the whole panel to your left will unscrew and come out. usually there are a couple screws at the rear of the computer, and some kind of tabs on the side to slide in place with the rest of the case along the side. undo those screws and slide the side of the case off.

    it is possible that there is some kind of duct or fan or both attached to this side panel, so you should move this away slowly. If there is a fan attached to this panel, make a note of where the fan is plugged in, and just unplug it.

    Once you have the panel away and you can see inside the computer, you will see cakes of dust all over.

    Get that canned air stuff - a few dollars per can -- and blow away!

    That may solve the problem.

    With the side panel still off, restart the computer. Figure out where the noise is coming from.

    Like people have said: it could be from the dust, or from the hard drive. Or a fan.

    There are four likely fans: one small one on the motherboard, one on top of the cpu, one at the rear of the case, and one at the rear integrated into the power supply (where the power cord goes into the computer). Any of these could be wearing out and making noise. There could be more fans, like the one I said that could be on that left panel, or in a duct on the left panel.

    If you figure out which one, you can send another note here on techspot, and someone can tell you how to replace that fan.

    If it is the power supply fan, you probably want to have a computer tech do the repair.

    If it is the little fan on the motherboard, you probably want to have a tech do it, and soon, so rising temperature on the motherboard does not kill some nearby component.

    This is your mission. [roll theme song from mission impossible.]
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