My computer keeps crashing

By Badiani
Apr 22, 2006
  1. Every time i am on my computer doing anything it just crashes or freezes. I have re-stored factory settings many time and still not joy. I have F-Secure 2006 Internet security and can'y find any viruses. Everytime it crashes it re-boots and does a scan disk and keeps finding errors with files and keeps truncating them. Sometimes i have to wait an hour or so to be able to get back into the PC as it just keeps re-booting again and again. Please help... What do i do?
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    You say that the PC runs ScanDisk, so, it is running Windows 98, or do you mean it runs XP's chkdsk?

    Perhaps the BIOS is corrupt and reflashing it with the latest version from the motherboard manufacturer's site or resetting the BIOS according to the instructions in the motherboard's manual, also available from that site, might fix the problem.

    Otherwise, it looks like a hardware problem.

    The first thing I would do would be to remove all of the components except the motherboard, processor, its heatsink, the RAM, and the video card and see how it boots.

    If it doesn't boot, you know its those components or the power supply.

    You can test the components, such as the RAM and hard drive with diagnostic sofware from a floppy disk. Use memtest86 from and the utilities available fro the hard drive's manufacturer.

    If the memory and hard drive are good, you'll have to swap out the power supply, etc. with known good components, or take it to a reputable PC repair shop.
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