My computer turns on and off right away

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May 18, 2007
  1. I just baught a new psu, before this my computer was working fine. my specs are: p4 3.2 ghz, 120gb sata 1.5gb/transfer, 256 mb pci graphics card with vga and dvi out puts. new psu is 500w, a cd burner, dvd burner, a front fan, and a rear fan, two fans on the psu. it's an intel board. the old psu is 350w. the old psu has a 20 pin power supply for the mother board, the new one has a 24 pin. so with the old one i had the alt power (1x4) plugged into it. the old psu also didn't have the power cable for the hdd. the new one does. i've since tried the old one and it does the same thing. the prob is that when i turn the computer on it stays on for a few secounds. than if i try again right away it stays on for even less time. it gets as far as telling me to set the date and time and then dies right then without even giving me a chance to hit F4. one time when i tried it it said something about the CPU, but since it turned off so quickly i didn't get a chance to read what it said. when i try to turn it on the secound time it makes a strange beeping sound that i've never heard before. one high pitch tone followed by a lower pitch tone, and it repeats that. i've tried unplugging everything in the computer including the processor and plugging it all back in and nothing changes. i've also taken the battery out to reset the bios. when i got the computer to say something about the cpu i was able to go onto the bios for just long enough to set the time, than it turned off and when i turned it back on it displayed the message after displaying the intel screeen for the mother board. So please i beg of anything for help. could the new psu have some how fired the processor or something else? because it does the same things with the old psu that worked fine before i put the new one in.
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    Make and model of the mobo ?
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    if the new psu is doing the same thing that the old psu did, then it's not the psu. It has to be something else. Have you changed the CMOS battery?
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    okay i've looked on the intel web site for the tones that i got. it says it's a Parity error. i am not sure what that is. i know it has something to do with memory. and i don't know if there is a way to fix it or if i need to buy new memory or a new motherboard. and i have a 800Mhz bus. i did also try a new battery for the cmos. and got the same prob.
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    it's doing the two beeps on the motherboard. one beep high than one beep low and it keeps repeating that over and over. well for as long as the computer will stay turned on anyway. which is never more than 20 or so sec. here is the web site i go the info for hte parity error: my board is the D915GAV
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    okay now i was able to get it on long enough for the beeps to stop. it stops after 4 beeps, only two differnt tones. but i was able to read a little bit more on the computer before it turned off. even though it's been off for a couple days now it says that it turned off because of thermal heating to the cpu. but it's not that hot. it wasn't even run for more than a couple sec at a time. i do use something on top of the heat sink and fan, i also use artic silver i belive it's called. saposed to help keep the processor cool.
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