My computer will not play any movies

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Mar 19, 2005
  1. Hi,
    Here is the problem-
    I can not play any movies whether it is saved on a CD, or even a DVD in the DVD player. The computer will freeze as soon as I try to open the movie.
    Then I have to CTRL-ALT-DEL to restart. The computer was fine last week when I played some movies, now I have this problem.

    I have the latest codecs and the latest version of WMP.
    I ran Spybot S&D and McAfee antispyware thinking that would help, but did not find anything.
    OS-Windows ME

    Thanks in advance,
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    That has happend to me before too, I just switched players for watching DVD,AVI and basically anything that wont open in 'stock' WMP. Here is a link to VLC media player. I find that VLC media player is pretty good, opens almost anyfile type and is pretty kickass and simple. :hotbounce
  4. thmandan22

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    I do not think that would be the direct cuase of his computer lock up, and neither would WMP as mentioned in the post above as that is just a possible solution. Region codeing would just pop a messege saying "cannot play wrong region" or somthing along those lines. It may even prompt you to change regions on your DVD player, alowing only a certain number of changes. I honestly do not think that the region coding is the problem.
  5. CSguy

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    Maybe it is just a software error. Try uninstall and reinstall your media player.
  6. triplate

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    There,s a new release of WMP 10 available...v.38**...try it..;){it wont designate the new version on site..but your current one is v.36**,ll get 38**}
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