My computer won't boot in safe mode

By yacovk
Aug 11, 2005
  1. I cannot boot to safe mode (any of them). However, booting in normal mode works fine. In safe mode the system reboots just before entering the GUI mode. I tried to make arepair with boot CD - seems that nothing changed... :blackeye:
    Meanthewhile, diagnostic mode with msconfing do boot.
    I have WinXP Pro SP2 (built in on the disk) and Pentium 4 with MSI board MS7028 (915P Neo2 FR) and ATI X300SE videocard.
    This board is quite tough and requires only the above OS (told by vendor, its not supported by anything else).
    What is the problem??
    Maybe it's some kind of worm or virus? - Antivirus show me that everything is clear.
    May it be hardware problem?
    Please help!!!
    P.S. I have checked with bootlog and discovered that the last driver loaded in the safe mode (before the system crashes) is fastfat.sys. Moreover,
    when booting in normal mode, this driver isn't loaded at all! (My system partition is NTFS). So I believe something gone wrong with my registry, which is responsible for driver loading. Apparently it assumes that the system boots from FAT Partition in safe mode, while it is actually NTFS one.
    Now, how can I figure out which drivers mre loaded by my system and how can I fix the problem???
  2. alidabiri

    alidabiri TS Rookie Posts: 441

    right after p.o.s.t. (power on selft test) keep tapping pf8 until windows goes into safe mode. you can't go wrong.
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