My computer wont read external HD

By psylovibe
Jul 21, 2007
  1. Hey first time post, hi are you ;).

    I was hoping someone would be able to help me. Well its a 120g external wdigital. The problem is that it works on my other computers except one. Plus i tried another external HD and it wont open it either. It shows up in My computer but it wont allow me to open it. Any clue?
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  3. k.jacko

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    Hi and welcome. So the hdd actually shows up in my computer, but you cannot open it!? Hmmmmmm......strange.
    And you say you get this with another drive too?!
    And it does nothing when you double click it?
    Do you get the option to 'safely remove hardware' in your systray?
    Does it show up in computer management?

    Sorry, no answers for you, only questions.
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