Build a PC My Computer Won'T Turn On Anymore...

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Ok so this is what happened...

yesterday I came back home to see my computer turned off, I hadn't turned it off. So I boot it, it starts and then stops. The fans start up and the drive also but then complete shut down. For it to restart I had to cut the power and replug. Then it did the same little boot and stop. It has been doing that since I switched from a 40HD to a 200HD, does that take more power since I've only encountered this problem since my HD switch. Anyways I went and took my other comp, this one, and loaded my 400w PSU in it at first it would work but I changed the cable to the HD and it loaded fully. So I closed it and put the HD in place and went to bed. This morning it won't even START with either PSU not even the fans. My mobo green light for power standby is on but it wont turn on. Is it my Mobo or only my Power switch... and should I get a 400w psu if I run

Athlon xp 2600+ Barthon
Sapphire Radeon 9200 or something low...
768 pc3200 memory
200g HD
Printer/Scanner/Mouse off USB ports
1 case fan 1 heat sink.

So before I go and buy a new A7N8X-X board and 400+ PSU I wanted some advice :)



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well, first of all, change back the old hd to see if the problem is still there. Also, you should try the new 200gig on another computer to see if that's the problem. AHave you try to change the ide cable.

HD usually consumes same amount of power but it's possible that your 200gig consumes more power than the 40gig. Youc an test it buy disconnect everything that's not needed and just connect the cpu,mobo, memory, gfx card, and hd and see if that works. if that works but when you add more pci stuff, then you know that you need a new psu.
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Tried with only the basic things plugged in and nothing. I only get the green mobo light.

I really hate this. It had done it before but had stopped for 1 month. I wonder if it is PSU failure that was causing it or my HD or maybe a warning from my mobo. Grrar!
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