My desktop powered down while formatting hard drive

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I have a Compaq desktop with an
AMD Athlon 1.1GHZ
128MB of RAM
a 16mb TNT video card
and 60GB HDD

I tried to reformat the hard drive because I initially had a virus on it - so the only means was to format it. The first time I reinstalled it successfully with a copy of a WinXP Pro cd, that came with a dell laptop of mine. BIG MISTAKE-- the computer tripped out and was asking for authentication. No problme arised yet, windows xp installed, and authentication was the only thing that was being irritating.

I commensed to reformat the hard drive with nothing in it except the OS installed, with a different copy of WinXP that did not come with my dell laptop. In the middle of reformatting, however, about 51% complete, I powered down the computer because I thought it would not hurt the formatting process, so I could take it back to the owner's house and finish up the reformatting process there, and at the same time be able to hang out at their pool. the old idea of "kill two birds with one stone" or something. >_< I feel pretty stupid. I hope you guys don't chew me out now, but yeah.

So I tried to turn the computer on again later on to finish reformatting. I pressed the power button and everything seemed to go right, until nothing appeared on the monitor. the monitor stays black, with an orange 'standby' light as if the computer was on standby.

P.S. does extreme heat destroy the desktop or the computer parts? i had left it in the car for about 30 mins. to an hour.

A day after, I troubleshot the harddrive to see what the probem was, by swapping out a good hard drive and unplugging all the other cards, like the NIC and whatever else was in there. the monitor still refused to respond. Any ideas?


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make sure you have the windows disc in the cd-rom drive and make sure it is the first choice to boot into. You should be able to restart the format from the xp disc.
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i can't even access the bios in order to make the cd-rom be the first to boot. -- any monitor i hook up the desktop to does not respond when I turn it on, and i've tried to press f1 to f12, to try and enter the bios to change the boot sequence, but to no avail.
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yes i've tried two, same response for the monitors. my conclusion is that it's a motherboard issue now ;/ the power supply still runs, when i switch out the HDD there's still no response-- hmm. before i buy a new motherboard i wanna keep asking for help here. your responses are most appreciated.


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if u have tried everything u have said and nothing has changed then go buy the new MB. the reformat should have been done the first time before the first shut down and even then finish the install before the computer was ever shut off with the switch. the hard drive should be good with starting over with a new reformat.
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