My Game Crashes To Desktop, how do i go about Finding the Problem?

Apr 10, 2006
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    heya everyone. im running a P4 3.4@3.73 @ 14x266 2Gigs DDR2-533 @ 3-3-3-7 with a x600AiW Pro pci-E a 250gig seagate for the OS HD and 3x300gig maxtors.

    i have a pagefile set on its own partitions on a seperate harddrive from the OS HD along with the normal one on the OS. the PSU is an antec truepower 550W 24pin.

    now my overclock is stable while running dual prime + superpi + and watching movies and gaming all at once for 24hours. it is also memtest86+ stable but in any case ive set everything back to default settings to debug the problem


    now for the problem. im playing a game and it continues to crash to the desktop (meaning the game crashes but everything else is fine)

    how would i go about seeing what is happeneing when the game is crashing so i might be able to prevent it.

    or basicly how do i go about finding the problem?
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    what kind of errors are you getting?

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    none really, my desktop picture is sometimes changed to the default blue though not like in the settings, just visual. and once i got an error but my mouse was frozen and i couldnt get the info on it until it closed and then it was too late lol but normally it just crashes to desktop. 2 out of 3 times with no other visable problems.
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