My Games Crash (Not BSOD)

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Hello all.
I am new to these forums and need some help. Many of the other posts are of BSOD's, but mine is different. Outside of games my computer performs and runs perfectly fine and same with games, until recently.

Just recently (no, i have not installed ANYTHING) my computer started crashing during games only. It's wierd because normally people get BSOD, but in my case i get repeating sound and still image. Even if i let it sit there for a while it still doesnt give me a blue screen. I am forced to reboot using my reset button. At first it was only with CoD2, which i thought it was specific only to that game, but the other day i was playing EQ2 and the sound froze and image froze. The sound, lets say of me slashing, keeps repeating.

I have the latest drivers for my Graphics card and for my sound card and dont know why this started happening. The wierd thing is that i havent installed anything. Ive diagnosed my HD and nothing comes up, ive scanned my comp and its clean, ive yet to check the ram but willdo tonight. I hope its not the ram, and its compatible w/my Mobo (checked before i bought it). Ill try updating as many drivers as possible, but again... it shouldnt be this because it ran perfectly earlier with these drivers.

Ive had a chipset problem on my mobo a long time ago, but doubt it was this because that was about 2 months ago and games have been running fine afterwards (of course, until now). Also, Ive had SP2 from the getgo, so it shouldnt be that... Im not sure guys, i need your help real badly.

Nothing is inside my comp, no disks or anything. Nothing connected through USB other than my mouse. Ive restored to a point where my comp worked perfectly and it still crashes.

Windows XP Profession Edition SP2
500w Aspire PSU
AMD64 3800+ Venice Core
Asus A8N5x Motherboard (PCI-E)
Seagate 160gb HD - 7200 RPM
19'' BenQ 8ms LCD Monitor
7.1 Creative Labs Speaker System
SB Audigy 2 Value Sound Card
2048(512x4) DDR PC3200 Corsair Ram
eVGA Geforce 7800GT


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Sounds like the same problem I have these days. When you reboot and it loads back into Windows, does it say 'Windows recovered from a serious error' and quote the error code 1000007f in the error report that is generated?
heh im an *****... i have AI Booster and i had it clocked at 110% (changing it from 2400mhz - 2670mhz) and apparently everytime i tried to play something, browsing was ok, it would i guess outwork itself. I just reset it to 3% boost and its runnin like a charm. Thought it would be something fluke like that, considering i eliminated any other probable causes.
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