My HP Computer wont turn on.

By mckiernankid373
Jul 20, 2006
  1. Gah!
    I've got an HP Pavillion Dekstop but I dont know what model it is since I bought it refurbished, they decided that the model needed to be scratched off. Anyway, my dad turned off the power bar to my computer while the computer was running, then when I turned the power bar on again the computer wouldn't turn on. I looked at the back and there is a green light that is flashing. When i flip the red switch to the left (looking above) the light flashes slower then when it is on the right. When I unplug the power chord in the back and the switch is on the right it still flashes but if its on the left it stops. When I try to start the computer nothing happens. It just doesn't do anything. I saw a similar thread about this but it didn't help me at all so this is a little more detailed desription of whats going on with me. The power bar is run through an extension chord to an outlet. This scenario has happened before but without the extension chord and it has pretty much fixed itself, I left it for a bit and the flashing green light would turn solid again. In this case I left it overnight and it didn't change so could you guys help me out?

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    you can disconnect the PC from the power then press the power on button and hold it in for several seconds to drain any residual power. then let it set for 15-20 min and then plug it in and see if it powers up. if ti doesnt then your probably looking at having to strip the PC down to just the processor, then power up, shutdown and unplug, hold in the power button for several seconds, add ram, plug in, and power up, continue this process until you here beeps or have added back all the components or you get post.
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