My Hp dvd 200j writer won't write

By debbie_tim ยท 20 replies
Jan 5, 2008
  1. PLEASE HELP, I am using the right drive and I have checked and I was running in Pio mode & just changed it to DMA mode. I can play/read dvd's. I have tested the drive through Hp help and I get an error message "cannot test the drive". I am testing with 16x DVD+r Discs (are they the right ones?) Do you have any suggestions for me?
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  3. kimsland

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    How did you email me exactly ?

    I haven't had that before, what did you do to email me
    (is my email address viewable ?)
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    Your email is exposed in your profile.
  5. debbie_tim

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    how do I change that ?
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    I never knew that !
    Can you please check now , I have taken off members not Administrators though
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    Well debbie_tim you're ok am I
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    No debbie_tim don't worry I'm glad you emailed me
    I didn't know it was exposed
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    Debbie_tim, the short answer is that one of the two or three lasers in your drive has likely burned out, since it still turns otherwise. Optical drives now last about a year, but some with heavy use will burn out after six months or less.
    The easiest solution (unless this is a laptop) is to replace the DVD burner. They are relatively inexpensive now... running as low as $24.99 and as high as $129... but you can get an excellent LG or Samsung for under $40. Avoid the Sony, HLDS, HP, ASUS, because they do not seem to last as long. The Plextors and Yamaha drives are much more reliable and long lasting, but they cost a lot more as well.
    You can find drives online at various sites such as directron, tigerdirect, newegg, pcconnection, zipzoomfly, cdw, and many others, or you can pop down to your friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Circuit City, or Target.
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    debbie_tim I hope I haven't scared you away.

    As I said I'm happy you contacted me
    In doing so, I could see your email to

    I have this strange way of learning how a board works, way after I've been on it, for a long time.

    Your email is now secure , ie I can't see it anymore.

    I don't think this should be the default of the board signup though.

    So raybay, is this something that should be changed
    Or is the board happy to allow this (ie members must learn themselves)

    Anyway, this is not the place for this topic.
    Although not exactly sure where to bring it up
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    Please forgive me, my son just gave me his old comp. The DVD has me really stumped! I know this is going to be really bad to say I supposed to format my dvd before I use it??????
  12. raybay

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    Not usually. Some REALLY old ones required formatting for some functions. The big question may be the burner software. What are you using? Record now? Sonic? Nero? Creative? Power DVD? or other?, and what is the version?
    If it is that old, I would definitely replace it. It is probably ony a 2X or 4X, and the new ones will be worth the money due to the speed alone.
  13. CaleeMom

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    I thought I would try to post on this thread, maybe someone here can help???

    Hey all, I know there is already a thread about this subject, but my circumstances are a bit different. This burner/DVD burner worked beautifully until today. I loaded up a virus scanner and later tried to use the darn burner and now it gives me a message "Cannot connect to hardware access layer" and something about the patin couffin crap...

    I've ran the virus scanner on my other computer for a while now, but this is the first I've seen this message. any suggestions? I've ran the sfc /scannow in the command prompt. nothing there? I've removed the dvd in device manager and on reboot it was back. there are no ?? or !! in device manager and it says it's working properly, yet that's BS! LOL
    so now what?
  14. kimsland

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    Sorry CaleeMom, you already have a post here:

    To avoid confusion, it is better we address that one in reponse to helping you
    You can make another post on that thread, still asking for help, which will be seen by others.
  15. CaleeMom

    CaleeMom TS Rookie

    yep, i do have a post there, but no one addressed the problem :p), hence my post here, where someone else is having a problem with their writer no longer writing
  16. almcneil

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    I didn't read all the replies but did you check for spyware at any point? If not, I recommend running the following 3 anti-spyware utilities:

    • Ad-Aware 2007
    • Spybot Search & Destroy
    • AVG Anti-Spyware

    -- Andy
  17. CaleeMom

    CaleeMom TS Rookie

    yes i did check for spyware and did the virus check too, nothing , thanks for the reply!
  18. Tmagic650

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    Have you tried uninstalling Kaspersky?
  19. CaleeMom

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    nope, not yet, didn't really think that Kaspersky would prevent the ASPI from being accessable. :) thanks for the thoughts!
  20. CaleeMom

    CaleeMom TS Rookie

    I unistalled Kaspersky, I uninstalled my dvd writer, and still the same error. Thanks for the replies, I have no clue what the issue is. I've used this burner on a regular basis and had no issues until I used the 1click copy dvd junk program.
  21. kimsland

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    CaleeMom you are missing some Windows Files (seeming everyone's replying, what the heck!)

    You will need to do a Windows Repair
    Microsoft's Windows XP Professional Repair Install step by step

    Microsoft's Windows XP Home Repair Install step by step

    To re-install these drivers
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