my IDE hardrive

By JohnKent
Jul 17, 2007
  1. Erm... i shall soon be building a new computer but want to transfer my hardrive.

    I belive it connects to the motherboard via IDE, however I also have a black lead and a blue lead that comes out, one connecting to the motherboard using a small long this white connector and one using a small blue connector. I believe one is my fan or something but i am unsure of both.

    Do i need to take these into account when buying my new motherboard? I dont have much to spend so i am buying a motherboard, gcard, tower, PSU, and maybe a little memory with 250GBP (500dollars). I am upgrading due to the fact that I wish to upgrade to a pci-e graphics card and eventually a c2d when i get round to it.
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    Anyone? :confused:
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    Your post is sort of confusing. You are talking about moving your hard drive and then start rambling about some fan connectors.

    What sort of cables do you have running from where to where? Any (post-jurassic) hard drive should have at most two cables running into it: data and power.

    "small" and "big" are relative and not very helpful. Use some rough measurements, shape decriptions and pin counts.
    A la an IDE hard drive should have a wide rectangular data connector with 40 pins in two rows and a four-wire molex power connector.
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