My Inspiron 1100 Will Not Boot Up

By Missedhered
Jul 12, 2006
  1. I was using my computer when suddenly a red box appeared on the screen with a warning and something about a surge. It happened quickly and then resumed working. I did not think much of it and maybe a minute later it happened again and then the computer shut down. It will not turn back on. The battery was pretty much shot. I had the AC adpater plugged in. Now if I try to turn it on with just the battery, the three small lights on the front of the computer blink but nothing else. If I plug in the adapter and try to turn it on the lights do nothing. The adapter is not the problem as I have received a new one from Dell. I have never seen a red box with a message before and it happened so fast that I did not remember exactly what the message said. I would like to try to fix it if I can but don't know where to start.
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